The Nigerian-American Experience

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The Last Gods
A Six Part Mini Series
Jason Powers
The Last Gods
A 6 Part Mini Series
Jason Powers

Excerpt from Teamsters Union speech given by Jason Powers (1966)

"What if I told you that your soul has already been sold? We work for no appreciation. We purchase for no gain. We strive but make no progress. People often say their souls are not for sale. But we up our weekends. We give up vacations. We give up family time. We give up pieces of ourselves. How many times do we step on our own toes so as not to offend the sensibilities of others. We clean toilets, haul trash, physically remove excrement from putrid surfaces for what? To buy a car that breaks down. To live in a house that can burn down. To impress people we hate. Why not sell your soul to live your dream? We give so much of ourselves away… But why? My soul is for sale to the highest bidder. I am one who will do whatever is necessary to succeed. There will be a pile of bodies left in my wake, all victims of my monstrous ambition. A boundless, undying ambition. So I say unto you, brethren, we have all sold our souls,whether you believe it or not. Your soul is not your own…you just don’t know it yet"

Written in Blood

Without poison
I am no good
The pills are the cure for what ails me
There is no comfort in the cure
My addictions have taken control
And I will never win

Its impossible for anyone to be lonelier than me

Why do women hate me so much?

I haven’t had sex in 6 months…my dick wants me dead