The Nigerian-American Experience

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Kiss That Girl

I wanna kiss that girl
But I barely even know her
That’s what being alone does to you
Every strange girl becomes your wife
Whether she deserves it or not
It is not unusual for me to propose marriage after 45 minutes
The need for human contact
The need to be with someone
She doesn’t even HAVE to love me
She doesn’t even HAVE to care about me
Just be with me
Make me feel like a man
Accompany me places
Compromises will be made
Whatever you want from me
Your every wish will be granted
Things from your dreams will suddenly materialize
You don’t even need to fuck me
Fucking is so beneath us
Let’s just be together
Doesn’t matter how you treat me
Call me your bitch
Make me your slave
Make me eat dog food
Whatever you want
I shall oblige
All you have to do is comply
Follow me
We will go hand in hand
Off into the horizon
We’ll make the entire world jealous
But you’ll never agree to it
You will leave me alone, again
Naturally, I will go on living
Deserted until another prospective wife comes on the scene
Then my attention will be diverted
And all my woes will be hoisted upon her
Until she eventually collapses under the pressure of my mind
She will never know my intentions
My shame will not allow me to speak to her
She will run away free
My heart still in chains
Everything will not be alright
I still wanna marry the first girl I see
Please don’t leave me like this

Power Man
Kenneth Gamble Martinez
Present day
Jason Powers
Circa 1961


Jason Powers
Circa 1981
Jason Powers circa 2001
Jason Powers